°M Warmer

Keeping trauma patients warm is crucial

We have invented a new IV-blood warmer for emergency transfusions. It’s a portable fluid warmer which warms up blood from cold to body temperature within seconds. We call it the °M Warmer System
Hypothermia is a condition where the body’s own heat production can’t match the heat loss to the environment resulting in a lowered body core temperature. Trauma patients do not die from hypothermia itself – they die of bleeding.

Bleeding makes the body lose important red blood cells used to carry oxygen to the brain and other vital organs. Trauma patients with substantial bleeding are at risk of entering into the deadly trauma triad of hypothermia, acidosis, and coagulopathy. This combination means that when the body core temperature drops, the acidity in the blood increases and the blood loses its ability to coagulate. Without coagulation, it is much more difficult to stop the bleeding and save the life of the patient.


Key parameters

Creating an easy to use portable IV-fluid warmer



  • When we treat critical patients we want the products to be intuitive and very easy to implement


How we work

User driven innovation

Throughout our development process, we involve healthcare professionals like paramedics, surgeons, medical students and leading experts in hypothermia to help us create the best products. It is an iterative and exciting process of developing
and testing prototypes with professional users and then changing

and testing again.We are proud that the results come not just from our work but also the contributions of many dedicated and motivated people who have taken the time to help us develop a life-saving device.




Who we are

medtech innovators




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