Making The Critical Uncomplicated

Prevention of hypothermia and early intervention are very important when it comes to survival since hypothermia is associated with high mortality among critically injured trauma patients.


°MEQU provides a fast and easy blood warming solution to treat patients in critical situations regardless of where the injury takes place.

°M Warmer System for the entire "Patient Journey"

The °M Warmer System

°MEQU has developed an IV-blood warmer for emergency transfusions. It’s a portable fluid warmer which warms up blood from cold to body temperature within seconds.

The °M Warmer System includes a Power Pack and a single use °M Warmer. The two parts are easily connected resulting in less than 30 seconds setup time. Blood and other infusion fluids can be heated from 5°C to 37°C at flowrates up to 150 ml/min. The Power Pack has enough capacity to heat 1.5 litres of cold fluid (4°C) or 3.0 litres of fluid at room temperature (21°C) to body temperature.

The Power Pack and single use °M Warmer have a compact design and together weigh 760 grams making the °M Warmer System ideal for pre-hospital use. The single-use warmer’s small size (10cm x 5cm x 2cm) allows it to be attached to the patient close to the infusion site, using its integrated adhesive pad. This drastically reduces the risk of pulling out the catheter as well as reducing heat loss in the tubing.

Customer segments

Military & Special Forces

The °M Warmer System was developed in collaboration with the military and special forces. The small volume, robust design and low weight make the °M Warmer ideal for use in extreme military situations

Helicopter Emergency Medical Services

The °M Warmer System is approved for use in helicopters and airplanes. The lightweight and portable design make the °M Warmer ideal for emergency transfusions in the air

Rapid Response Vehicles & Ambulances

Paramedics must act fast and speed is crucial in trauma situations. The °M Warmer System’s fast and foolproof set-up allows for vital treatment to start before arrival at the hospital.


The °M Warmer System is designed to be ideal to use under stressful situations in hospitals. It is small and portable and therefore fast to use when the patient arrives at the hospital or continue the blood transfusion started during transit.
When we treat critical patients we want the products to be intuitive and very easy to implement.