Alert For A Severe Blood Shortage: Blood Donation In The Time Of Corona


Blood donation saves lives — also and especially in the time of coronavirus. But the number of people donating has dropped globally because of the fear of infection. The world is now concerned about a severe blood shortage and hospitals are postponing a number of surgeries in order to extend their blood supply.

However, we can still make a safe trip to donate blood as blood donation centers in the U.S. and European countries like the U.K., Germany, Denmark, etc. have implemented new protocols to prevent transmission of the coronavirus, including enhanced disinfecting procedures and checking the temperatures of both staff and donors.

“Social distancing doesn’t have to mean social disengagement.” – U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams.

“If you want to go out during lockdown, donating blood counts as an essential trip. Please continue to donate, else we’re going to run out and will have to make even harder life and death decisions.” – Karim Brohi, Trauma Surgeon, Vascular Surgeon and Director of London Trauma System.

Our blood donation will save lives because even in times of the coronavirus crisis there are still serious accidents, and cancer and heart patients still need blood transfusions.

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