Helicopter Emergency Medical Services


Not only the fast and foolproof setup allows for vital treatments to start as soon as possible, but also the light weight and small volume of the °M Warmer minimize the equipment brought into the air while still having the capacity to warm 4 bags of cold blood (5°C) on a single charge of the power pack.

Moreover, the small single use warmer can be attached to the patient with the adhesive next to the IV entrance, thereby reducing the risk of pulling out the catheter during transport in the air.

The °M Warmer System is approved for use in helicopters and airplanes fulfilling the requirements from IEC 60601-1-12:2015, DIN EN 13718-1 and RTCA DO-160 section 21.

“Size and weight were important for us when choosing a blood warmer. We wanted to find a reliable device that was stern enough to work in a hostile environment and reach the target temperature. The research papers we saw indicated that devices similar to the °M Warmer were not robust and had high failure rates. So far, we’ve tested the device in pre-hospital situations about 30 times with good feedback – it has never failed and has reached the temperature required every time.

We use the °M Warmer for code red patients who need pre- hospital blood transfusions. It’s really simple to use, right down to the red and the blue coding of the Luer-locks and it basically does exactly what it is supposed to do.”

Operations Manager, Essex & Herts Air Ambulance

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