Rapid Response Vehicles & Ambulances


In trauma situations, paramedics must act fast as minutes are crucial. The °M Warmer System has a fast and foolproof setup, making it intuitive and easy to use. Patients with substantial bleeding are at risk of hypothermia and when the body core temperature drops, the acidity in the blood increases and the blood loses its ability to coagulate making it more difficult to stop the bleeding and save the life of the patient1. As initiating blood transfusion in the pre-hospital setting has proven to reduce mortality2, the °M Warmer can help prevent hypothermia and the related complications.

1 Martin, R Shayn et al. Injury-associated hypothermia: an analysis, Shock Vol 24(2), Aug 2005, pp 114
2 Hans Husum, Save Lives Save Limbs, Third World Network, 2000

“We chose the °M Warmer as it’s compact, easy to use, and works reliably – and we were excited that it was a Danish company offering a high-quality device and excellent service to get us started.

The fact that it’s battery powered is also important for us, as we’ve access to electricity in the ambulance but not on the ground. Blood is stored at 4-6°C in the physician-staffed EMS car, and it needs to be warmed immediately to body temperature for use in a transfusion.

I’ve used the °M Warmer personally and found it as easy to use and set up as in training, so I’m quite confident using it.”

Doctor, Aalborg University Hospital

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