BMJ Military Health just published an article on how to effectively treat casualties in a cold weather environment.

The °MEQU blood warmer is mentioned as a necessity to reduce the risk of hypothermia, when transfusing fluids to casualties in cold environments.

Some of the main points in the article are:

→ Seek shelter inside a building, if possible
→ Reduce casualty heat loss
→ Be prepared for extended medical evacuation time
→ Be aware of proper equipment storage and proper storage of medical gases, intravenous medications and intravenous fluids
→ Use a intravenous fluid warmer when delivering fluids to casualties to prevent hypothermia
→ Note that cold makes battery life deteriorate

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°MEQU is the proud provider of blood and fluid warmers to The Ministry of Defence (MOD) of the United Kingdom. 



The ˚M Warmer System

The ˚M Warmer is a portable blood and IV fluid warming device optimal for both prehospital and hospital use as it is small, simple to use and has extremely efficient warming capabilities (150 ml/min).