​It is always a pleasure for us to work with our Finnish partner, Sharkmed Oy.


Sharkmed Oy is a Finnish company specializing in the management of sudden health risks. Their selection includes a comprehensive range of medical devices for EMS, military, police, border guard groups as well as hospitals.


“Professional Solutions for Professionals”


With this motto, Sharkmed Oy works with the world’s leading medical equipment manufacturers and strives to continuously improve the quality of its operations to meet high demand from the market.


Finland’s HEMS (helicopter emergency services) bases are absolutely top class worldwide. The annual number of assignments is approximately 2300 on all bases and the number of tasks combined with 24-hour readiness is unique in the world. Their operating philosophy is to bring high-quality first aid to the scene.


Since °MEQU and Sharkmed Oy formed the partnership in February 2020, Sharkmed has been providing °M Warmer System to a number of Finnish HEMS. The °M Warmer System enabled high-quality first aid at the point of injury for severely injured patients in Finland.


°MEQU and Sharkmed will continue to work hard together so more helicopter emergency services can be equipped with the °M Warmer System reducing the number of cases of hypothermia and improving the survival rate of severely injured patients in Finland.


To learn more about Sharkmed, visit their website here: https://sharkmed.fi


Read about The ˚M Warmer System – portable blood and IV fluid warming device designed for prehospital use, both for air and ground vehicles. https://mequ.dk/product


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