°MEQU’s mission is to make it possible to provide warm blood to any bleeding patient – regardless of where the injury takes place. Being in a remote place far from a hospital should never justify giving patients cold fluids. We believe in faster, better, and more intuitive treatments in critical situations.


This mission is tested to the extreme in an environment like the huge Hungarian cave systems that is an attraction for thousands of thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts. Unfortunately, these people quite often end up being part of accidents.


The Hungarian Helicopter Ambulance Services chose to adopt °MEQU ’s blood and IV fluid warmer, the °M Warmer System, to make sure that the blood products they now carry will be warmed to body temperature upon administration to the patient.


A few of the doctors working in the HEMS also work in The Hungarian Cave Rescue, and consequently, the °M Warmer System was donated to the Hungarian Cave Rescue so that they can continue their important work to save cave adventurers, who end up in accidents.


Peter Temesvari, Head Doctor of the organization, says “there have been quite a few injuries where warm blood and fluids would have made a difference in the outcome for the patients. Therefore, I am extremely pleased that we now have this treatment option for the trauma patients”.


Read more about what Hungarian Cave Rescue does. https://www.caverescue.hu/index.php/en/


The °M Warmer System has not only extremely efficient warming capabilities (150 ml/min), fast warm-up time (less than 10 seconds), and the battery capacity to warm 2 liters of cold fluid (5°C), but is also designed to resist water, drop on hard surfaces and has a solid power plug that secures high performance in any emergency use. Read more about easy-to-use, portable blood and IV fluid warmer that can be used in extreme situations. www.mequ.dk/product


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