We are pleased to announce that °MEQU, in cooperation with our UK partner Fenton Pharmaceuticals, has won a public tender to provide portable blood and IV fluid warming devices (˚M Warmer System) to The Ministry of Defence (MOD) of the United Kingdom. 


The Ministry of Defence is the government department responsible for implementing the defence policy set by Her Majesty’s Government. The UK regular forces consist of the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force, and Strategic Command.


The ˚M Warmer System was chosen by the UK MOD as it has been proven to satisfy all the criteria set for their blood and IV warming needs. The system is not only small, light and robust, but also offers easy and fast setup. Most importantly, it delivers warm blood or IV fluids to patients within a few seconds. 


Ulrik Krogh Andersen (CEO) commented,

“Fluid resuscitation before arriving at a hospital is shown to significantly reduce mortality among severely injured patients. We are glad that the UK MOD chose our ˚M Warmer System to treat their service people. With their choice, we at °MEQU keep up with our mission to improve the survival and recovery rate of patients regardless of where the injury occurs.”


Graham Hill (MD Fenton Pharmaceuticals) commented,

”We are very happy that the UK MOD has chosen the °M Warmer System as the blood and fluid warmer for British troops. We have for quite some time supplied the system to an increasing number of civilian HEMS units, but this confirms that the system is ideal for both civilian and military use.”


˚M Warmer System is currently used both in pre-hospital and in-hospital environments, and ˚MEQU is continuously developing its technology to bring warm blood and IV fluids to more patients.


To learn more about The ˚M Warmer System, click here.