We are happy to share that our partner Promoteq will start delivering °MEQU portable blood and IV fluid warming devices to the region of Stockholm and Gotland.

The °MEQU devices have already been present in the rapid response vehicles in Stockholm since 2022 with great outcome. We now look forward to expanding the deliveries to the ambulances, helicopters, and trauma units within the region, enabling warm fluids to be given to the patients that need it the most.

Stockholm County is home to almost 2,5 million people, and the region of Stockholm is one of Sweden’s largest healthcare providers, carrying out close to six million patient appointments per year.

Promoteq has a great focus on proving high quality trauma care products to the civilian as well as the military market, with °MEQU blood and IV fluid warming devices as one of the key products.

°MEQU CEO, Ulrik Krogh Andersen, commented: “We are proud to become the preferred supplier of the largest city in the Nordics. This is a significant step in expanding our civilian customer base in our closest neighbour, Sweden.



The ˚M Warmer System

The ˚M Warmer is a portable blood and IV fluid warming device optimal for both prehospital and hospital use as it is small, simple to use and has extremely efficient warming capabilities (150 ml/min).