°MEQU had the pleasure of sponsoring Medical Events NL with the °M Warmer System at Alternative Elfstedentocht, an extreme skating event held in Weissensee, Austria from Jan 21 to 29.

Medical Events NL is a Dutch company that provides medical equipment and staff to big sporting events, and Alternative Elfstedentocht was one of those. Elfstedentocht is a long-distance ice-skating tour originally taking place in the Netherlands since 1909. Due to mild weather conditions over the past few years, the tour has been alternatively moved to Weissensee in Austria.

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There are typically around ten hypothermic trauma patients per day in the course of the event, so being able to promptly treat these patients with portable blood warmers is a big help for Medical Event NL as it minimises the negative outcomes derived from hypothermia related complications. Leading up to the end of the event, Erica Vreesvijk, the Managing Director of Medical Events NL, expressed sincere gratitude for the possibility of treating hypothermic trauma patients with the ° M Warmer System – a blood or IV-fluid warming system provided by °MEQU.

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Fortunately, there were relatively fewer injuries this year owing to excellent ice conditions suitable for the race. Medical Events NL and °MEQU will meet again in the next sporting event as we continue the partnership with our common mission to prevent hypothermia among trauma patients.