Warming intravenous fluids during transfusions is a key recommendation from the NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) Guideline on “Intravenous fluid therapy in adults in hospital.”


The guideline states that all intravenous fluids, including blood products, should be warmed to body temperature (37°C) before administration to reduce the risk of hypothermia and improve patient comfort.

To ensure optimal patient outcomes, the NICE guideline recommends checking the temperature of fluids before administration and having warming equipment readily available at the bedside. By following these best practices, healthcare professionals can prevent potential adverse effects such as decreased cardiac output and increased risk of infection.

The NICE guideline is a trusted source for evidence-based recommendations for healthcare professionals in the UK. The guidelines are updated regularly based on the latest research and best practices, and are widely used in clinical practice and for commissioning and funding decisions.

To learn more go to NICE Guideline on Hypothermia: prevention and management in adults having surgery


The ˚M Warmer System

The ˚M Warmer is a portable blood and IV fluid warming device optimal for both prehospital and hospital use as it is small, simple to use and has extremely efficient warming capabilities (150 ml/min).