We are pleased to announce that we have won a public tender to provide portable blood and IV-fluid warming devices (˚M Warmer System) to Norwegian National Air Ambulance Services (Luftambulansetjenesten HF). 


Norwegian National Air Ambulance Services is responsible for all air ambulances (both fixed-wing and helicopters) and acute cars located at 13 bases throughout the country and is one of the most innovative and advanced HEMS (helicopter emergency medical services) programs in the world. The ˚M Warmer System was the only device meeting all mandatory requirements and was chosen due to its high quality – small size and light weight, heating capacity, and not least user-friendliness.


Prehospital fluid resuscitation is known to increase the survival rate of trauma patients. For this reason, carrying blood products onboard aircraft has been initiated by major European HEMS in recent years despite its complex and costly process in terms of blood supply and staff training. Moreover, aircraft should be equipped with a blood/IV fluid warmer as all fluids should be warmed up to body temperature before the infusion to avoid unnecessary cooling of the patient.



Ulrik Krogh Andersen (CEO) commented,

“prehospital fluid resuscitation before arriving at a hospital is shown to significantly reduce mortality among severely injured patientsWe are thankful that Norwegian National Air Ambulance Services chose our ˚M Warmer System to treat their patients, so we accelerate our mission to improve the survival and recovery rate of patients in critical situations.”


Peter Skade (GLOBAL SALES DIRECTOR) commented,

“Winning this tender is a confirmation that ˚M Warmer System is a superior solution as it is easy to set up and use and has efficient and powerful warming capacity. The ˚M Warmer System is now adopted by leading HEMSthroughout the Nordic countries, the UK, mainland Europe, and Australia.”


The ˚M Warmer System was awarded the Red Dot Design Award in 2018 for its minimalist expression, user-friendliness, and intuitive design that together reduce the risk of human errors and delays. ˚M Warmer is currently used both in pre-hospital and in-hospital settings, and ˚MEQU is continuously developing its technology to bring warm blood and IV fluids to more patients.


Learn more about what ˚M Warmer System can do to save lives. www.mequ.dk/product


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