Hemorrhage is a leading cause of death in traumatically injured patients. The study here evaluated the association of earlier pRBC (packed red blood cell) administration and mortality when compared with later transfusion initiation.


This study of trauma patients transported by a single helicopter service from the scene of injury to an urban trauma center included patients receiving at least one unit of pRBC within 24 hours of hospital arrival.


They found out that delays in time to pRBC administration of as short as 10 minutes were associated with increased odds of death for patients receiving ultra-early pRBC transfusion. Expedient prehospital and ED transfusion capabilities may improve outcomes after trauma.

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The ˚M Warmer System

The ˚M Warmer is a portable blood and IV fluid warming device optimal for pre-hospital use as it is small, lightweight and has extremely efficient warming capabilities (150 ml/min).