At the 142nd Annual Meeting of the American Surgical Association, in April 2022, a new study on Whole Blood (WB) vs Blood Component Therapy (BCT) for transfusion in trauma patients was presented. This study brings an interesting perspective on blood component therapy, which is the current standard practice for the resuscitation of trauma patients.

This study was conducted as a multicenter (14 verified trauma centers), prospective-observational study of patients who received WB vs BCT during their initial trauma resuscitation. Trauma patients of any age who received a blood transfusion as part of their initial resuscitation were included and primary outcome was in-hospital mortality.

A total of 1,623 trauma patients were included and of the 1,623 patients, 1,180 (73%) received at least one unit of WB while 443 (27%) received only BCT.

The researchers saw that patients who received WB were 9% less likely to experience a bleeding complication and were 48% less likely to die than those who received BCT alone. In conclusion the use of whole blood transfusion resulted in a 48% reduction in mortality in trauma patients compared with standard blood component therapy.

Thereby, this study supports the universal use of whole blood during the initial resuscitation of trauma patients who require a transfusion.

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30-day Survival Curve of WB vs BCT recipients


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