°MEQU had a great time participating in FMI Industridag (“Industry Day” organised by The Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics) last Thursday! We had a chance to network and engage with executives from the military where they could also learn about our portable blood and IV fluid warming solution, °M Warmer System designed and developed in close collaboration with military and special forces to effectively perform in austere environments.


Collaborating with military and special forces in the design process has resulted in a robust product that can tolerate water, drop, and rough treatment, making it resilient in a pre-hospital setting. It is also approved for use in helicopters and airplanes. The Power Pack is easy to connect to the warmer, and the connection is secured to prevent detachment during transportation.

The compact design and the lightweight make it one of the smallest products on the market while still accommodating the high requirements from military and special forces operations.


Read about the experience that the Norwegian Military had with the °M Warmer System. https://mequ.dk/customer-segments/military-special-forces/


Download our brochure or datasheet and read more about the °M Warmer System. https://mequ.dk/download/