The TCCC Guidelines are published by The Joint Trauma System (JTS) under the Department of Defense in the United States. TCCC stands for Tactical Combat Casualty Care and provide clinical practice guidelines and performance improvement for all levels of military trauma care.


TCCC emphasizes the principles of rapid assessment, prioritization of life-threatening injuries, and prompt, effective treatment to optimize survival in combat casualties. The guidelines are updated regularly by military medical experts to ensure they reflect the latest best practices in pre-hospital care.

For resuscitation, TCCC recommends the use of intravenous fluids, especially in cases of shock or major bleeding. For blood transfusion, the guidelines highlight the importance of warming IV resuscitation fluids:


“Use a battery-powered warming device to deliver IV resuscitation fluids, in accordance with current CoTCCC guidelines, at flow rate up to 150 ml/min with a 38°C output temperature,”

TCCC Guidelines 2021, Joint Trauma System, 15 December 2021


Overall, the TCCC guidelines aim to provide immediate, effective treatment for combat casualties in the field while also ensuring their safe and rapid evacuation to a higher level of medical care.


For the latest version of the TCCC Guideline (2021) go to:


The ˚M Warmer System

The ˚M Warmer is a portable blood and IV fluid warming device optimal for both prehospital and hospital use as it is small, simple to use and has extremely efficient warming capabilities (150 ml/min).