The Danish MedTech Company, °MEQU, and Swiss-based CareVie Medical have entered into a partnership where CareVie will represent °MEQU in the Sub-Saharan countries of Africa.


°MEQU has developed the °M Warmer System – a revolutionary system enabling fast, easy, and efficient delivery of warm blood and IV fluids – widely adopted in Europe and Australia. The system can be used in both pre-hospital and in-hospital settings regardless of where the patient is located.


CareVie has been introducing new and innovative medical products and solutions to physicians and nurses around the world with a mission to decrease workload for caregivers and optimize patient outcomes. °MEQU and CareVie formed their partnership based on a shared goal to improve the standard of care for patients in critical situations.


Peter Skade, Global Sales Director, from °MEQU commented, “we are excited about teaming up with CareVie who has clinical expertise within the field of blood and fluid warming and long experience in bringing new solutions to the market in this region “.


Leo Brouwer, CEO CareVie Medical: ‘’MEQU did an amazing job in developing a complete solution for all settings, during transport, in the military, and in hospital.  Blood warming did get into a new era. It is an honor for the CareVie Medical team to bring the °M Warmer System to the patient and customers in Sub Sahara.


Starting today, °MEQU and CareVie will jointly work towards increasing the survival and recovery rate of severely injured patients by bringing the °M Warmer System to civilian as well as military healthcare professionals in the Sub-Saharan countries of Africa.



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