For over 25 years, HKM Group has been readily creating partnerships and maintaining relationships with military, EMS, police, hospitals, and specialist emergency providers in Australia and New Zealand. The MilTac and emergency products that HKM provides are carefully selected among the latest in innovative patient care.


The partnership between HKM Group and °MEQU was formed in 2018. Since then, we have demonstrated great synergy, which is reflected in successful business results. Air ambulance services in Australia are generally well-equipped with advanced care and highly skilled medical crew and front-runners in carrying blood products. HKM has been providing °M Warmer System as well as dedicated customer support to a large share of the Australian air ambulance services helping them treat patients in life-threatening emergencies.


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Read about The ˚M Warmer System – portable blood and IV fluid warming device designed for both prehospital and in-hospital use.


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