A blood warmer is used to warm blood or other fluids, minimizing the risk of hypothermia. Blood is kept refrigerated for the preservation of the cells. It is essential to warm it to an appropriate temperature not only to prevent hypothermia but also to prevent hemolysis, or breakdown of the blood cells. If the transfusion is done too quickly without warming, the colder blood can initiate a state of hypothermia within the patient. There is a delicate balance of temperature over time that must be maintained.

Blood warmers are essential for patients who require transfusion of blood rapidly to maintain homeostasis within the body. Without blood warmers, the patient could have serious complications from blood loss; warmers provide a way to replace the blood quickly without damaging it.

The °M Warmer System is an easy-to-use blood and IV fluid warming device designed for both prehospital and hospital use. Its fast setup and intuitive use enable healthcare professionals to infuse warm blood and IV fluids to trauma patients in critical moments without delay. Read about The ˚M Warmer System. https://mequ.dk/download/

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